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Demon Sitter!

Babysitting is a contact sport. Every bundle of joy is just a cute void spawn and you’ve gotta watch’em...VERY closely.

In Demon Sitter you are Hell’s top Sitter! Every Job is a different challenge. You will be hired to perform household tasks, Entertain the little demons, and most importantly WATCH THEM. Idle hands are the devil’s plaything, and idle demon children will PLAY! From kindly old folks to unsuspecting pets, it’s your job to keep your kiddos out of trouble and your butt away from hellish reviews.

As your complete contracts, you will have the chance to learn new skills, recruit new helpers, and adjust your very being to make you a better Demon Sitter. Be careful to not lose who you are though! With new contracts and more kids comes more challenges. Keep your skills sharp because your devilish charges will get more...CREATIVE!

Demmon sitter picture.png
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