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About: Bio


 My professional focus is creating special effects materials and perfecting texture design.


I am  experienced in creating materials using blueprints in Unity and Unreal. I am confident in my ability to add controls for designers to adjust effects such as colours, roughness, speed, refraction and any other effects added to the materials.


I am organized and clear in my workflow, using comments and frames, keeping controls properly named and easily understood, and using proper naming conventions for textures and materials.


I can adeptly model and create textures, materials, and multi-layered particles effects in Unity and Unreal.


I'm highly skilled with Substance Designer, Unreal engine blueprinting, and Unity Graph Editor, along with Zbrush, 3ds Max, Maya, Adobe programs and Github.


I am always striving to improve, motivating me to keep up with the latest programs and trends.


I've always been talented in art and video games. After my youngest son was old enough to be out of the house during the day I needed to find something that would interest me as much as being a father and a husband. I decided to find a way to combine my passions for art and games into a successful career. That's when I applied for the Toronto Film School and was accepted into their Video Game Design & Animation program beginning in January 2020. Very early in the program I knew this is what I was meant to do!

Why open an Indie company?

All my life I wanted to make an impact on the world, my head full of imagination and full of ideas. Why not jump into one of the most expansive industries of the world of entertainment.


I played games my whole life, they have always given me an escape and I would like to supply that to the next generation file having a blast along the way.

I also want to have the opportunity to help and give back to people that may have been told over and over again they do not fit into this distinct shell, by not having enough experience  or are deemed unfit for the traditional workforce.

Because passion and fun go hand in hand!

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