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Because passion and fun go hand in hand!

Indie Game Development 

Harm Has Fun is an Indie Game Company owned and operated by Harm M. Mik, co-owned by Sophie Mik. Also, as an Artist, level designer  and so much more  we have Aerisen Snow. Not only do we create video games in addition with our skills we create, rig, animate and video edit for Vtubers.

Our aim is to produce darkly comedic games that the whole family can enjoy, with our target audience being teens and young adults. Role Playing games (RPGs) will be the type of game we will specialize in. Our games will take everyday roles, expanding on and exploring them. For instance, play as a stay-at-home father battling social norms and increasing his strength by raising his kids the best way you can find; or a babysitter is an incredibly odd Faustian bargain, which sees players watching over several earthbound “little devils'', managing their demonic shenanigans as best they can with an arsenal of eldritch abilities straight from the halls of Pandemonium.

Harm and Aerisen both graduated from Toronto Film School in Video Game Design & Animation in June 2021. This website will be  a place to view the work of each team member, current game demos and links to the company Social medias   Do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to learn more...

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